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How to Write a Leave Letter

Leave letter is a formal letter to inform that you are taking leave due to some inevitable reason. It is the most common document practiced in work place. We all have written it at least once in our life, whether in college/school days or in our professional life. The most common content of this letter is absence letter for fever written to teacher or principal. If you are professional you may have written so many letters to request leave for personal reasons, health or family issue. It is usually addressed to human resource manager, boss, supervisor or head of the department of organization.

It is written to officially inform that you are not able to continue your work and you are required to provide leave for certain period. It also covers the reason of the absence and the other relevant information related with your absence and task responsibilities. Here are some best writing tips on how to write a leave letter to make your request effective.

  • It should be effective and sincere in nature.
  • Use concise, formal business writing style as your format.
  • Make a brief and factual request letter.
  • Mention the purpose of writing succinctly in the initial lines.
  • State the main reason for your leave in the initial paragraph, whether it is health issue, family tragedy, important life events or other personal reasons.
  • If you are writing this for a sick leave, specify the illness and your doctor’s recommendation.
  • Mention the exact period of your absence in the middle paragraph.
  • Spell out the dates to bring more clarity in your request.
  • State the exact date on which you have planned to resume your work.
  • If you have transferred your current project to some of your colleague or team member due to your unavailability, inform it also in your letter.
  • Attach the medical report, hospital bill or other relevant document as supportive with your request letter.
  • Provide contact number or email address in the last paragraph.
  • If you are going out of the state or country mention the specific code and name of the place with your contact details.
  • Request the recipient to contact you on the provided contact details during your leave.
  • Express your apologies for the inconvenience and close your letter with a thank you gesture.
  • Proofread it to avoid mistakes and errors and put signature to make it authentic.

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