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Format for Acknowledgment Letter for Donation Amount Received

Acknowledgment Letter for Receiving Donation Amount, Sample formatWhen you have received donation from any source then it is extremely important that you write an acknowledgment letter. It is not just for acknowledging the amount received but it is also a donation thank you letter. It is a warm gesture on payment received. The same kind of letter can also be written for donation of goods. These charitable donation letters work for tax purposes as well.

Given below is a sample donation acknowledgment letter template. Use this sample donation thank you letter to create a customized letter for your needs.

Sample for Acknowledgment Letter for Donation Amount Received


Mr. Robin Smith

54, Park Avenue Apartments


Date: 18th October, 2017

Dear Mr. Robin,

We are extremely happy to acknowledge the amount of $ 1,500 as donation in cash for Tulip Orphanage for Children. Please find attached with this letter the receipt for the same with R.No. 567 dated 25.10.2017. We are obliged to have received this grant from you.

We are planning to organize a sports camp for the children during this winter season and we would be happy to use your donation for this cause. Sports are an important part of a child’s personality and growth and we aim to come up with different sports activities to help them participate.

We hope that in future as well you will keep showing your interest in the activities organized for welfare and growth of children.

Thanking for your support


Arnold Brown


Tulip Orphanage for Children

Given Below are a few acknowledgement letter samples for a clearer Idea.

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