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Customer Feedback Request Email

Customer feedback is very important for the growth of the organization. It gives a clear picture of how the company is performing. It is one of the best ways to have an understanding of the areas where your company is able to meet the expectations of the customers and where it needs to improve. It is very difficult for any company to satisfy every customer and each client gives you an opportunity to get better in your working.

Here is an example sample of customer feedback request email. Make sure you that you send such kind of a request email to your clients seeking their feedback on your services. This is going to be very helpful in knowing the performance of your workers.

Customer Feedback Request Email Template

Subject: Feedback request

Dear Ms. Julia,

Thank you so much for choosing our company for purchasing the laptop. We are excited to have you as our customer. Our company has always aimed to provide to the best of the products to the buyers so that they are happy and satisfied with their purchases. We believe in continuously improving and growing. And that’s why we always ask our customers for their valuable feedback’s.

We would love to hear your experience on this purchase. Please feel free to reply to this email sharing your experience. We would love to hear your comments or any concerns on your end. If you think that we have met your expectations and done a good job then we would appreciate if you could leave us a feedback on our website www.abc.com.

Thank you for considering the request. We would look forward for your response and the information will be very helpful to us.


Samantha Brown

Customer Relationship Manager

ABC Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

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