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Credit Denial Letter

A credit denial letter is issued by the bank to an applicant. This letter is sent to a credit applicant informing him or her that the credit application has been denied. It is sent from one party to another during the course of a business, so as to inform the recipient that his/her request for credit has been denied. The letter also specifies the reason for the denial of the application.

Here in the sample a credit company writes this letter to an individual in to inform him/her that the credit application is denied as per certain rules for the company

Sample Credit Denial Letter


Patrick Harp

Sunshine Credit Corp

13 Lincoln Drive

San Francisco, California


Mr. Romeo Bright

678, Octopus Street

San Francisco, California

Aug 11, 2014

Dear Sir,


First of all, I would like to thank you for showing faith in our company. We are happy to serve you. But, with regard to your current application for credit, we regret to inform you that we cannot grant it to you this time as we need to allot a three month rest period in between credit applications. This has nothing to do with account standing but it is just that we need to give way to the applicants who have not been granted yet.

I would like to request you to wait for two months and we will reconsider you application for credit. Feel free to call us any time if you have any query. Again, we are really sorry for the inconvenience. We are looking forward to serve you after two months.

Sincerely Yours

Patrick Harp

Credit Manager

Given Below are a few credit letter samples for a clearer Idea.

Credit Letter of Explanation
A credit letter of explanation is written to give the detail of any credit application to the bank as per the rules of the concerned financial institute.

Credit Deletion Letter
A credit letter of deletion is a request to remove inaccurate remarks from your credit report.

Credit Dispute Letter
A credit dispute letter, as its name depicts, it is about mentioning the problem regarding the credit payment between the client and the financial institute.

Credit Approval Letter
A credit approval letter is issued by the bank to the client that approves the client’s ability to take the credit from any financial institution.

Credit Repair Letter
Credit repair letter could be a powerful tool in dealing with credit repair businesses.


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