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Tips to Write a Sight Letter of Credit

The sight letter of credit needs accurate information to give the detail about one’s credit application. The tips to write this letter are given.

  • Add identification information, including your name and current address. You can include the credit report reference number for an easy identification.
  • Be brief, clear and to the point. Do not include irrelevant or unnecessary information. The letter should not have more than 100 words. Choose your words carefully.
  • Include all the necessary information like submission of documents, crediting of amount, bank transaction charges etc.
  • The letter should mention the date on which the balance is credited to your account.
  • Base the letter on what you need it for. The purpose of the letter should be clearly stated in the letter. The subject should be self explanatory.
  • Proofread the letter. Check the letter again to make it flawless. Make sure all the details must be accurate and should not have any error.

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