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Chexsystems Dispute Letter

The Dispute is almost a normal occurrence in an organization. A Dispute can be expressed through a letter, especially when it concerns the business market. As mistakes are the common fact of the life, one should prepare to make up those mistakes. Employees working in the organization are allowed to file the dispute in case the issue is resolved at their level. Disputes are filed in the form of the letter so as to serve for documentation purposes.

Here in the letter, a person writes this letter to the management department for bringing the dispute to the attention of the concern authority.

Chexsystems Dispute Letter Sample


Arthur Young

Chexsystems Limited

909 Manchester Road

Ontario, Canada


Mr. Lesley Meyer

Chief Executive Officer

Chexsystems Limited

909 Manchester Road

Ontario, Canada

Aug 27, 2014

Dear Sir,


I am writing this letter to file a dispute against the financial department for not releasing our requested amount of money that we are supposed to use to purchase a laptop that has already been approved by our manager. Such action of finance department has caused the delay in production since one of our computers is broken and needs replacement right away.

It was not informed to our department that our request is not granted. We have not expected this to happen since we have not known of any extra expenses on our part. I feel sorry for the company as such an event has reduced the sale of the products which is not good for the business. I hope that you will look into the matter and take some actions against it.

Yours faithfully

Arthur Young

Production Manager

Given Below are a few dispute letter samples for a clearer Idea.

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