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8 Tips for Writing a Business Letter of Intent

Here you will find some tips of writing business letter of intent.

  • Compose your letter on your official letterhead. Use a standard business format and a formal font to show professionalism.
  • Write your letter directly to the concerned person with a formal salutation.
  • Enter the current date. Add a clear, short and meaningful line to deliver the purpose of your letter in a single glance.
  • In the opening line indicate your interest or purpose in a concise manner.
  • Write some connecting lines between your interest in the organization that identifies relevant skills or experiences complimenting that interest.
  • Explain the reason of your letter in the middle paragraph by expressing your interest in the business organization to which you are writing your letter.
  • Close the letter formally with “sincerely” or a similar polite expression. Sign your name and title.
  • Make sure that you have provided the correct, complete contact and reference information for future correspondence regarding your letter of intent.

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