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10 Tips for Writing a Block Business Letter

Here are some useful tips to help you in the writing block business letter.

  • Compose your letter on a standard business format with a polite and professional tone. Start with your name, title, contact information and mention the same details of the recipient.
  • Add a crisp and meaningful subject line. It gives a professional look to your block letter and delivers its purpose in the first glance.
  • The body should be brief and professional. Do not exaggerate the matter with flowery transitions, big words, or long and indirect sentences. Communicate the purpose of your letter in a straightforward manner as clearly as possible.
  • Conclude your letter with a summary of your points. Clearly and quickly provide an outline of your planned course of action or what is expected of the recipient in response of your letter.
  • Use “Yours sincerely” or “Sincerely” as a proper formal closing.
  • “Cordially,” “Respectfully,” “Regards” and “Yours Truly” are slightly less formal but still professional closings that you can opt as per the requirement of your letter.
  • You can also include “All the best,” “Best wishes,” “Warm regards,” and “Thank you” if the subject and the purpose of your business letter feels its necessity.
  • Proofread your letter very carefully to avoid mistakes and errors.
  • Sign business letter after you are done with proofreading. Type your name, phone number, email address and any other applicable underneath your signature.
  • If you have attached any additional document with your business letter, include “Enclosures” beneath your contact information.

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