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7 Secrets To Writing a Great Leave Permission Letter

A leave permission letter deals with mentioning the all details regarding leave, which is taken by an employee. You can follow the tips to write down your letter.

  • You need to write your letter in a formal way as you are writing it professionally and it is also addressed to the management department of your company.
  • The tone of the letter should be polite as you are writing it to get permission for your leave for some days.
  • Give a subject of the letter that goes with your purpose of writing and it also helps in giving the idea about the letter to your reader.
  • Mention your leave days so that your company can adjust accordingly and if it is deducted from your annual leave, then specify it to make the management task easier to track down your leave updates.
  • Give a satisfactory reason of leave so that your request can be granted without any trouble.
  • You need to mention your recent assignments on the letter so your employer can understand about your working status.
  • Conclude your letter with some positive note to your reader regarding your request.

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