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Work Certification Letter

Work certification letter is an official letter to certify an individual for a certain job/work/task. It clearly verifies all the information provided by a candidate regarding the work in written. It is one of the most commonly used official documents in work places. This is simply a document from an authorized agency to the potential employer to certify an individual for a certain action.

This letter serves as a dual benefit for both the employer and the employee. It certifies the authenticity of a candidate and on the other hand gives a written assurance to the employer about the future employee. Relevant recruitment/ employment agencies generally issue work certification letters to its registered candidates.

Sample Work Certification Letter


Mr. Mark Hold

Recruitment Officer

Fine Recruitment Agency

56 Morris Lane

Regal 789080


Mr. Francis Bevan

Manager Human Resource

Thomas Industries

7 Trading Towers

Regal 57689

Date: 3 Jun, 2014

Subject: Work Certification Letter

Dear Mr. Bevan,

This is to verify that Ms. Alana Granger (registration number: 00XX000X000) is a certified and license holder Customer Care Executive of Fine Recruitment Agency, allowed to work anywhere in our country.

This work certification letter for Ms. Alana Granger has been issued in response of your requirement that we received on February 5, 2014. Ms. Alana Granger is the candidate for the job position of Customer Care Executive in your reputed firm Thomas Industries.

A positive consideration of her candidature is anticipated from you. Documents of work permission within the country and the registration certificate of Fine Recruitment Agency have been attached with this certification letter. Kindly contact the undersigned for further clarification.

Yours sincerely,

Mark Hold

Recruitment Officer

Fine Recruitment Agency

Given Below are a few Certification letter samples for a clearer Idea.

Application for College Transfer Certificate
No Objection Certificate for Self Purchase

Sample Certification Letter of Knowing a Person
Whenever you change a job, having a certification letter from your ex-boss from your previous organization which tells about your good qualities, your achievements, your conduct.

Certification Letter for Law School
Certification letter for law school is written by the applicant who has applied for the admission in a certain institute.

Student Certification Letter Example
Sample Student certification letter is usually written to certify the enrollment of a student in a certain study program of a particular university or college.

Self Certification Letter Format
Self certification letter is written by an individual to certify some of his/her claims. This serves as a formal written promise for a particular commitment.

Certification Accreditation Letter Example
Certification accreditation letter is written to certify an individual to perform a certain official duty/task. Accreditation is a verification of the privileges, rights, duties of an individual.

Sample Certification Letter for Medical Record
A medical certification letter is written to inform the other party about the medical condition of the applicant for records. A certified doctor can issue this letter after examining a person.

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