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Tips for Writing Effective Work Certification Letter

Here we have given some quick tips on how to draft work certification letter.

  • It should be written in standard business letter format as it serves as a formal declaration about the work permission of an individual.
  • Compose it on the official letterhead. It gives a professional and authentic touch to the certification.
  • Enter the current date followed by a short and factual subject line.
  • Keep your tone firm and polite. Use professional language. Avoid flowery sentence or complex words.
  • Mention the full name, job position, code or registration number of the person in the opening line.
  • Cover all the relevant information in a precise manner.
  • If there are any requirements of dates or figures, do not forget to include them.
  • State the specific responsibilities for which he/she is certified.
  • You can attach some documentary proofs with an enclosure notation in the end of the letter. This gives more clarity to the employer.
  • Include contact information where the receiver can contact you for further clarification.

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