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Warning Letter Template for Disciplinary Action

Disciplinary Action Warning Letter Sample
Disciplinary Action Warning Letter Format

Disciplinary action becomes important when someone is not following the rules and regulations and in that scenario writing a Disciplinary Warning Letter becomes important. The disciplinary warning letter to employee and Staff sample is helpful in putting across the warning against the disciplinary action to the staff who has committed the same.

In this post, we have come up with Sample Warning Letter. You can use this disciplinary warning letter format for creating a personalized letter along with the tips for writing the same. Follow the warning letter Template for drafting a letter that puts forward your point.

How to Write a Disciplinary Warning Letter

We have come up with a list of points to keep in mind while writing a disciplinary warning letter for your staff:

Make sure that you include the disciplinary action in your letter in clear words.

Keep the letter short and precise.

The letter should put forward the rights of the recipient in a specific manner.

Make sure that you are able to convey where the employee has gone wrong.

It is good to refer to previous actions.

Format for Disciplinary Warning Letter


Anthony Black

HR Manager

Zenith Technology

New York

Date: July 11, 2023


Mr. Richard Smith

54, Henry Hills

New York

Sub: Warning letter for disciplinary action.

Dear Mr. Richard,

This is a formal warning letter in accordance with the Section 2(B) of the Employment Policy of the Zenith Technologies.

This action is based on your unacceptable behavior. It has been informed that time and again you have been losing your cool and have been talking in a rude language with your colleagues. You have been warned by your supervisor again and again to keep your tone down and watch your words but it has been noticed that you have not been taking the warnings seriously.

There have been discussions over email with Mr. Paul Black, Marketing Manager, about this behavior with you in the past but nothing has changed.

As you are aware that at Zenith Technologies, we expect our employees to behave in a respectful manner and no misconduct is acceptable at any cost. The same has been put forward to all the employees at different times so as to maintain the decorum and discipline at the workplace.

Consider this letter as a formal disciplinary warning to correct your behavior with your colleagues. In case you fail to do that then we will be compelled to take a strict action against you.

Please see me in my office if you have any queries about the same.


Anthony Black

HR Manager

Zenith Technology

New York

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