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Tips on Writing a Promotion Letter

Promotion letter is a formal letter issued by the organization in order to promote its employee for their outstanding performance. It is usually written by the human resource department or by the head of a specific department within the company. Such letters are highly professional piece of writing and hence require the standard formal touch and must cover all the relevant information of related to the new change.

It clearly spells out the current title and the designation after the promotion. It clarifies the date on which the promotion will get effective, employee’s new salary format, new job responsibilities and the new reporting manger. This legal document is essential for smoother practices in highly professional environment.

Below are a few effective tips and guidelines on how to write a perfect promotional letter.

  • Make an outline with the right notion and preparation of all the points required to be included in it. It should be short and precise.
  • Write it with sincere tone and professional language as it also serves as a legal document. Do not write complex sentences or legal jargons. Make it simple and easy to understand.
  • Compose it on the business letterhead of the organization as this is a highly professional communication.
  • Mention your name, designation, organization its address and your contact number followed by the name, current title, organization and address of the employee.
  • Enter the current date of letter releasing.
  • Create a crisp subject line to convey the real essence of the letter in first look.
  • Address the employee with an appropriate salutation.
  • Open this letter with warm and pleasing tone of congratulations. Inform the employee about the good news of his/her promotion in the first paragraph without much ado.
  • Appreciate the employee for his promotion in balanced tone. Do not imply flowery phrases or flattery word. Highlight the remarkable objectives that he has accomplished with the organization.
  • Spell out the exact new designation with the current designation.
  • Mention the definite date on which this change will take effect.
  • If your organization has specific guidelines regarding the promotion criteria, mention it also in the letter.
  • Provide information regarding the new salary structure, allowance and the name of new reporting manager.
  • Conclude it again with congratulations and motivational phrases to encourage the employee to perform excellent on his new position.
  • Proofread it to correct spelling and grammar errors. Such letter should be flawless.
  • Ensure that you have mentioned all the details such as important dates, salary structure, new reporting manager or supervisor clearly in it.

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