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Tips for Writing Effective Agreement Letter

Here are few tips to writing effective egreement letter.

  • Make a rough draft of the letter and the points required to cover in the agreement.
  • Write the official full names of each party involved in the formal letter. Use of nickname is not allowed.
  • Start with the full name, address and contact number of the person proposing the agreement or sending the letter.
  • Add details of the recipient just as the sender.
  • Mention the current date.
  • Now the write down the subject line. It should be clear and concise.
  • Spell out the terms of the agreement in full even if it’s not much needed.
  • Include the date of the agreement to be effective from with the exact date of termination, if considered necessary.
  • Write down the anticipated date of completion and the to be allowed penalties.
  • Proofread the letter carefully to correct mistakes, if there is any.
  • Make two copies of agreement, one for each party involved.
  • All parties involved in the agreement must sign the formal agreement for it to be valid.

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