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Intimation Letter Format for Resignation

Intimation Letter for Resignation Sample Format

If you have to resign from your job then you are supposed to submit a letter intimating the same. The Immediate Letter of Resignation is a formal way of informing the employer that you wish to quit from [...]

resignation letter due to new baby care sample

Childcare Resignation Letter Example Parenting is not easy and sometimes parents have to resign from their jobs because they want to take care of their newborn or just spend more time with their baby. The simple resignation letter [...]

Pregnancy Resignation Letter Sample Format

Pregnancy Resignation Letter Sometimes pregnancy is one of reasons because of which women resign from their job and if that is the reason in your case then following a Resignation Letter Format due to Pregnancy can help you [...]

Example Resignation Letter Due to Misconduct and Misbehavior of Boss, Sample Letter Format

When you work with an organization, you know that there can be different solutions under which a person has to resign. If in case you are forced to resign from your job because of misbehavior of your boss [...]

Employee Resignation Letter Example

If you are planning to leave your job then you must inform your present employer in a professional manner by writing a formal employee resignation letter. This is essential because it is your duty to keep your employer [...]

A church resignation letter deals with the subject regarding giving a resignation from the church service. Here some tips are provided to write a perfect letter without missing anything. The letter should be written in a formal way [...]

Resignation Thank You Letter

Resignation Thank You Letter

Resignation thank you letter is written by an employee in response of accepting is resignation application. This is a formal way to give a note of thanks to the employer as processing the concerned employee’s request regarding the [...]

A board resignation letter deals with a serious subject associated with a company that needs to be presented in a proper way. Some tips are given here to make your letter professional. This board resignation letter should be [...]

Retirement Resignation Letter

A retirement resignation letter is written to notify the higher authority regarding the retirement. This letter should be written in a formal way and you can include your experience of working for a certain company. At the time [...]

Farewell Letter after Resignation

Farewell Letter after Resignation

A farewell letter after resignation is written by an employee to his or her coworkers after the resignation. Through this letter, the employee thanks the coworkers for being friendly and supportive. This letter is a way to bid [...]

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