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Letter Writing

Pregnancy Announcement Letters sample

Pregnancy Announcement Letter

Pregnancy Announcement Letter is normally addressed to close friends, family members, near or even distant relatives & all the interested ones to inform the good news that someone is pregnant in your family. Sending a pregnancy announcement or [...]

Below are a few tips for writing Retirement Announcement Letter to help you how to convey your message effectively. Address the letter with the date on top followed by the name of your supervisor. Include supervisor’s title, name [...]

New Business Announcement Letter sample

New Job Announcement Letter

New job announcement letters are usually written by the person assigned for the job of announcing new and upcoming job positions in any organization. This is because as the company grow, so do their manpower requirement. This letter [...]

Tips for Writing a Warning Letter

Warning letter is usually sent by the human resource department, head of department, boss, supervisor or the other higher authority of an organization to an employee stating the dissatisfaction with a blameworthy action for reprimand. It covers the [...]

How to Write a Transfer Letter

Transfer letter is a formal letter either written by an individual to request for his transfer or is issued by the organization to inform an employee about the same. It is most likely written to the human resource [...]

How to Write a Request Letter

Request letter is a formal letter written to make request for a particular purpose or reason. It could be written to a judge, teacher, client, customer, business associate, employer, co worker, a friend and so on. It is [...]

How to Write a Reference Letter

Reference letter is the formal letter written to provide reference for someone. It may be required for a job application or academic purpose such as university/college admission, or scholarship. There are several samples of such letters for instance, [...]

How to Write a Proposal Letter

Proposal letter is a formal letter written to propose your offer with authenticity. It could be both personal and professional in nature. This kind of documentation is most practiced in the business world. Written proposals are always considered [...]

How to Write a Promotion Letter

Promotion letter is an official document written in order to announce the promotion of an employee to a higher position within the company. It is most likely issued by the human resource department or the other higher authority [...]

How to Write an Order Letter

Order letter is a formal business letter to notify the particulars of a purchase of services or commodities from an organization or individual to another. It covers all the essential instructions required for the delivery of the ordered [...]