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Letter Writing

Letter Format Due to Late Fee by School

Letter Format Due to Late Fee by School

If there has been a delay in submitting the fee of any of the students in your school then you can always write a letter to the guardian about the same. Just like application for fees delay in [...]

Sample Letter to Judge Asking for Leniency by wife

If your husband is undergoing court trials and you seriously feel the need to ask the judge to be lenient on him then you can always write a letter to judge for the same but this kind of [...]

Letter Format Due to Non-Payment of Rent

In case of non payment of rent, you can always write a letter for the same. The letter due to non payment of rent can be written in simple words and must include the information about the non [...]

Sample Congratulation Letter for Passing an Exam

Some exams are really difficult and someone has passed those exams then writing a congratulation letter for passing an exam is a thoughtful thing to do. The idea here is to wish the person for the success they [...]

Congratulation Letter on a Religious Occasion

There are different occasions and religious occasions on which one must congratulate the person by writing a congratulation letter. The idea here is to wish and appreciate the person for the religious occasion. Shared in this post is [...]

How to Write a Letter to the Governor

Governors are appointed in states and territories and they function as the executive authorities in their respective states and territories. They often get in touch with the residents in order to know about their inputs and suggestions. Therefore, [...]

Congratulation Letter for New Assignment

If anyone you know has been assigned a new assignment of great value or importance then make sure that you congratulate that particular person by writing a formal letter of congratulations. The idea here is to appreciate and [...]

Letter to Congratulate a Partner for a Successful Presentation

One must always appreciate someone who has done something remarkable. If one of your partners has given a successful presentation at a meeting then make sure you write a congratulation letter to him or her in order to [...]

Sample Thank You Letter to Landlord for Cooperation

Never miss on a chance of appreciate someone if they have been done anything good to you. If your landlord has been cooperating to you in any way then you must make sure that you write a Thank [...]

Thank You Letter For Fundraiser Donation

Great Thank You Letter For Fundraiser Donation

A thank you letter for donation is an effective way of expressing gratitude to all those who have helped you with the donation. If you have planned for a fundraiser and you have received fundraiser donation then it [...]