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Sample Explanation Letter for Absence of Duties

Explanation Letter for Absent Duty If you have been absent from your duty Absent from Work Explanation Letter format is what you need in order to draft your own letter that rightly explains your absence from your duties. [...]

A church resignation letter deals with the subject regarding giving a resignation from the church service. Here some tips are provided to write a perfect letter without missing anything. The letter should be written in a formal way [...]

To write a salary request letter, one needs to have a sound knowledge in the professional language. Here, some tips are provided to make your letter perfect. The letter should be drafted in a formal way as you [...]

Writing a proposal letter for services is nothing but presenting your company’s work idea in an effective way. Follow the tips presented below to make your letter professional. The letter should be presented in a core business format [...]

Writing a proposal letter to company needs a proper presentation of the purpose as it can get a business deal. You can follow the tips to write the letter. You need to write your letter in business format [...]

A promotion recommendation letter needs a proper reason of recommendation to take a nod from the management department. You can follow the tips to write an effective letter. Write your letter in a formal way to give it [...]

Guidelines for Writing Cancel Order Letter

Writing a cancel order means presenting the purpose with great care without hurting anyone. If you want to write a perfect letter, check out the tips here. Write your letter in business format as it shares the professional [...]

Writing a marketing letter to CEO is a difficult task and one has to have a sound knowledge in writing such letter. As you are communicating professionally, the letter should be in business style. Avoid using informal words [...]

Writing a business marketing letter is not as easy as it seems, you have to be well presented. Here some tips are given below to help you. As you are communicating professionally, you should write your letter in [...]

9 Tips to write a Claim Letter to a Bank

You can use these tips and the sample as a guideline to compose your letter of claim to a bank according your need. This is a formal communication so compose it on your official letterhead. If you do [...]

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