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Announce a new business location letter

Sample Letter Announcing a New Business Location: There are various reasons because of which businesses have to change their location but whatever be the reason, the same needs to be informed to the customers and clients in a [...]

Condolence Letter on Death of Employee

Condolence Letter on Death of Employee If one of the employees of your company has left for his or her journey to heaven, writing a condolence letter on death of employee to the family is a wonderful way [...]

Letter to notify employees of a new or a change policy

From time to time, organizations make changes in their policies and it is their duty to inform their employees about these new policies that they have introduced or the changes that they have made in the present policies.  [...]

Wedding Announcement Letters

Wedding Announcement Letter

Wedding announcement letter is an informal letter. Every couple wants their friends and relatives to be a part of the nuptial occasion which will be one of the most cherished days of their lives. Apart from the wedding [...]

Letter Announcing Employee Leaving

Letter Announcing Employee Leaving

Gone are the days when traditional letters were used in companies and firms for any sort of announcement. However, today, the corporate scenario has changed a lot. For announcement of departing employees, internal memos, announcement letters or e-mails [...]

Promotion announcement lette

Promotion Announcement Letter

Every organization offers a promotion to its employees. And if the same gets accepted by the employee, the company announces it in memo form and circulates it to all employees within the company. It also includes information about [...]

Pregnancy Announcement Letters sample

Pregnancy Announcement Letter

Pregnancy Announcement Letter is normally addressed to close friends, family members, near or even distant relatives & all the interested ones to inform the good news that someone is pregnant in your family. Sending a pregnancy announcement or [...]

Death Announcement Letters

Death Announcement Letter

Death announcement letters can be both formal and informal. It is a simple declaration letter about someone’s demise. This letter could be sent by any of the close relative of the person passed by to other concerns. The [...]

sample retirement announcement letter

Retirement Announcement Letter

Retirement Announcement Letter is a formal letter to inform the employer that you are going to retire. However, the retirement may not be a pleasant experience. It resembles resignation letter and is written in a business format. It [...]

Tips to write New Job Announcement Letter

Follow the best tips given below on how to right such letters with effectivity. Mention the name of the company and the date of the announcement at the top of the letterhead. Inform the employment agency about the [...]

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