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Sample Business Suggestion Letter

Suggestion letters are written with an intention to suggest something to a person or to a business so that efforts can be made to improve their services or work. If you wish to write a suggestion letter for business then you must use the sample template given below which can be used as suggestion letter format for creating the best formal draft with all details.

Example of Business Suggestion Letter

Julia Mars

Production Manager

ABC Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

Date: 14th March, 2016


Mathew Jacob


XYZ Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

11, Park Avenue,

New York

Dear Sir,

I have been a client of your prestigious company from last seven years and I am writing this letter to make some suggestions in your service. I would like to bring to your notice that from last six months, the quality of raw material that you have been supplying us is not of the quality that you have been supplying for all these years. Moreover, the delivery time is also unpredictable and items are not received as per the orders given.

I, therefore, suggest you to please look into improving the quality of raw material supplied and the services of your company. You must keep quality check on goods that you send your customers to make sure that your clients are delivered with best quality. You must also appoint staff that is punctual and is able to deliver goods on time.

I strongly believe that if you are able to take into account these two points, you can become the best company in your sector. For all those years, you have delivered flawless performance and by taking into consideration these weak points, you can surely become the best again.

I hope you are going to take these suggestions seriously and will cater us with good services soon.

Thanking You.


Julia Mars

Production Manager

ABC Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

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