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How to Write a Suggestion Letter

The purpose of writing a suggestion letter is to formally make some recommendations about anything. Whether you wish to suggest something at office or you wish to put across something at your child’s school or to some social authority, you need to know the best suggestion letter format using which you can frame a complete and perfect letter.

This post brings to you some of the steps which you must keep in mind while writing a suggestion letter:

  • Share your suggestion in simple and straight words

When you have begun writing a suggestion letter, you must pen down your suggestion in simple words. There has to be no confusion in what you wish to convey to the person to whom you are writing this letter. You should be able to express the problem and the suggestion you have in mind. But do not criticize the present scenario or status while making a recommendation. You should avoid making any negative statements about present situation.

  • Talk about positives

Once you have stated the suggestion, you must include a few benefits of it which explain the strength of the recommendation you have made. Missing on stating the positives will reduce the impact of your suggestion letter. Your letter should revolve only around your suggestions and their benefits and then only you would be able to draft a strong and complete letter.

  • Always be thankful

You should always thank the reader for taking out time to read your letter and considering the ideas that have been suggested by you. Do not miss on this important point as it is the professional way of ending your letter.

  • Ask for scheduling a meeting

It is always good to end your letter asking for the need of scheduling the meeting in order to explain and discuss further on the suggestions that have been made by you. This is a positive way to end your letter inviting the reader to take these recommendations on the next level.

These are a few steps for writing a good suggestion letter so that you can put across your thoughts in a positive and formal manner.

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