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How to Write a Permission Letter for police Station Food Donation?

Permission Letter for Police Station Food Donation

If you wish to donate food to the poor and the hungry then you must first take permission from the police station of that particular area so that there is no chaos while doing the same.  This is because there are certain areas where distributing food becomes difficult without permission from police.

Therefore, in this post, we bring to you a Sample permission letter for police station food donation. We have also included in this post the tips for writing a permission letter for police station for food donation in the formal and perfect manner.

Tips to Write a Permission Letter for police Station Food Donation

Follow these tips for creating Permission Letter Format to the police station for distribution of food:

  1. Always start by sharing your address or locality along with your name in order to give a complete clarity about you and your location.
  2. It is important to include the subject in your letter in order to give a clear idea to the reader the purpose for which you are writing this letter.
  3. In the first paragraph, introduce yourself as well as the purpose of writing this letter in a formal manner.
  4. Make sure that you include the issue or the concern because of which you are making this donation.
  5. Ask for permission in a formal manner.
  6. End your letter with a thank you.
  7. Don’t forget to include your contact details.
  8. In case there is a need for attaching some documents, make sure that you have attached them with your letter.

Permission Letter for police Station Food Donation

Here is the permission letter template shared below which you can use for creating a personalized permission letter for police station food donation. Use this permission letter format for keeping it as a base for writing a perfect letter that suits your needs.


Samantha Brown

88, Henry Villas

New York

Date: January 27, 2024


The Police Office

Park Avenue Police Station

New York

Sub: Regarding permission for food donation.

Respected Sir,

I, Samantha Brown, resident of Henry Villas, New York, am writing this letter to request you for the permission of donating food in the nearby orphanage named Happy Homes.

This is an orphanage with around 50 children and because of the heavy rainfalls in the area, this institution has been dealing with food shortage. The children are not able to get proper three meals because of the heavy rainfall that has led to serious inconvenience as their cook is not been able to make it there.

Therefore, I would like to take your permission to go to the orphanage and donate the food to these children. I am sure you will consider the situation and will grant me the permission. If you need any other information from my end then please get in touch with me at 9898989898.

Thanking you in anticipation. Looking forward for your response.

Sincerely, Samantha Brown

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