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How to Write a Fundraising Letter

Fundraising letter is usually written by the head, chairperson, director, project heads or the other authorized person of the non profitable institutions, charitable society, or some other organizations which are active in serving the mankind. These organizations depend upon the fundraising to accomplish their duties. It could be most likely addressed to the corporate houses, big industries or the rich and generous elites of the society.

It is the most easy and effective way of fundraising. A properly worded letter presents your request more effectively than of an oral request. There are several categories of such letter, for instance, you can write a fundraising letter for a mission trip, school, old age home, orphanage, cancer treatment or anything related to humanitarian cause. Follow these tips to write an effective fundraising letter.

  • Make an outline of all the points required to be mentioned in it. This will help you in presenting all the relevant information in an organized manner.
  • Keep the tone of the letter sincere and conversational. Do not use too casual or informal language. Though, you may write some personal persuasive lines in sincere tone.
  • Never send a generic or form letter. Always draft it specifically for the individual reader. As form letter usually fail to convey the real essence.
  • Start with an emotional appeal. But do not use complex verses of bible or other holy book. Write something heartfelt in a simple and understandable language.
  • Add some motivational sentences to make your appeal effective and successful.
  • If you are known to the reader or you have met with him in some event, provide a brief detail of that.
  • Introduce yourself and the cause you are working for in the first paragraph. Mention some of your remarkable achievements, awards and recognitions. Share the motto or slogan of your organization.
  • Provide a brief detail of your successful recent project.
  • Explain your cause and plan of action in the middle paragraph. Mention the exact amount of money you have required for you purpose without ambiguity.
  • Highlight the important points to attract the attention of the reader. You can also make use of bullets, captions and sub-heads rather than prolonged sentences. Make sure that it is simple to scrutinize.
  • Do not write that you need money to work for cause. Instead of this blunt request, mention all the benefits of the donation, it will be more convincing. You can also write some lines describing that who will suffer in absence of the required funds.
  • Mention a time frame to give a sense of urgency in your request.
  • Do not forget to write a thank you note in advance for their support.
  • Enclose a brochure of your organization, news letter or stamped response envelope with it to make it more persuasive.
  • Close it with a complimentary closing notation and put your signature.

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