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Graduation Announcement Letter

Graduation announcement letters are semi formal letters. It is a sweet and simple note informing that are doing well or asking about the recipient’s health and family, what are you planning further, where and when and so on.

It was the past notion that such letters should not include anything else than of the news about the completion of graduation. But the new trend of letter writing appreciates the mentioning of anything you want to express. It is general practice on social announcements to write the time, date and year.

Here is an example of a sample graduation announcement letter addressed to father to inform the blissful news of achievement & success of graduation by his or son or daughter. This would in brief indicate the result in detail, schedule of convocation ceremony, and future scenario if any.

Sample Graduation Announcement Letter:

Mr. Glorious Fernandez

Manager Marketing

S. S. H. T. Group of Works

Orland 57798

10 April, 2014,

Subject: Informing Father about the grand success & completion of graduation

Hello Dad,

I hope this letter finds you in the best of your health. How is mom doing? I have superb news to share with you all that our Graduation Convocation Ceremony is scheduled on February 16, 2014 at our Shakespeare Theatre, College Campus 11 am onwards.

 You must have observed that graduating Management from such an honorable institution and then getting involved in the Management sector is a matter of joy & glee for any aspirant, heading in the same direction. It makes me feel cheerful that I am going to be one of those opportune fellows.

 Apparently, the commencement of the year was a bit complex and the classes had been very rigorous. I also want to confess that I was not that sincere in the start of the session but I realized yours and mom’s dreams at the right time and now I feel delighted Dad! I am also expecting the Best Outstanding Candidate award by the Chief Guest. At last convey my regards to mom and best wishes to little Julie.

With warm regards,

Yours lovingly,

Given Below are a few Announcement letter samples for a clearer Idea.

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