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Goodbye Letter after Resignation

A Goodbye Letter after Resignation is written by an individual to officially inform his/her colleague that he is resigning the job. This letter is produced, once the resignation is conformed on the management side. Generally, people give a note of thanks to his/her friends and co-workers in the office for their support and help. Some past moments are also taking place in the letter, which are memorable during the working days. This letter is also meant for assuring the co-workers to keep in contact. One can also add his/her future plan after resigning from the office.

Unlike other types of the letters, Goodbye Letter after resignation needs skillfully handled all your emotions on the paper. If it seems hard to you, see the format below.

Sample Goodbye Letter after Resignation


Kelly Francis

Commercial Sales Manager

Golden Eagle Enterprise

990 Sixth Avenue

Bay City, OR 97880

July 23, 2014


Commercial Sales Division

Golden Eagle Enterprise

Re: Goodbye notification

Dear Staff

It is difficult to bid goodbye to you all, but I am going to leave the office as my resignation is accepted by the management. I have a few days in the office as my last day will be on February 10, 2011.

I would not like to miss the opportunity to thank all of you for being my side whatever the situation was. Your encouragement always inspired me to give my best during the working day. Together we made some beautiful and happy memories, which I never forget. The days I have spent with you were fun-loving and I assure you that this resignation cannot affect our relationship which I have made with you.

This is also to convey my apology for not sharing this decision with you earlier. As you know, it is against the company’s rules. But before concluding, I give you all my best wishes for your future achievement and hope success will always stay with you.

Keep in touch and thank you once again, for your support.


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