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Goodbye Farewell Letter

To write a Goodbye Farewell Letter, one needs to express his/her emotion with the touch of the personal experience. When it is a goodbye letter, people tend to add personal experiences that are memorable ones. Be it for colleague or for a friend, your expression should be open ones and by pointing out some special moments, one can make his/her farewell letter interesting to read.

Though, Goodbye farewell Letter deals with the personal feelings, but if you do not know the proper format, it is difficult to catch up with your thoughts. Before starting your letter, look for the format.

Sample Goodbye Farewell Letter


Francis K. Sanchez


Bedford Enterprise

3371 Mattson Street

Bay City, OR 97107

July 23, 2014


All Staff

Bedford Enterprise

Re: Farewell

As you know tomorrow will be the last day of my office, I would like to thank you all for giving me your support during my working days in Bedford Enterprise. I have spent a pleasure time with you and I leave with some special moments that I never forget. Alongside, I would like to convey my apology to you all as I am unable to say goodbye to each of you personally. I hope, you accept my request and it should not affect our years- long relationship.

Even I am resigning from the company, but you can contact me anytime when you feel. As I am planning to join a new work in the next year, I am probably free before that.

Once again, thank you for your kind support for the 10 years with which I might not make such a sweet memory in the office. I am wishing you all the best for your future and hope, fame and reputation will always be with you.

With Kind Regards,

Francis K. Sanchez

Given Below are a few goodbye letter samples for a clearer Idea.

Goodbye Letter after Resignation
A Goodbye Letter after Resignation is written by an individual to officially inform his/her colleague that he is resigning the job. This letter is produced, once the resignation is conformed on the management side.

Funny Goodbye Letter Format
When we write a Funny Goodbye Letter, we express our emotions in a hilarious way so that it can bring a smile on the reader face even it is a goodbye letter

Goodbye Love Letter Example
Writing a Goodbye Love Letter is nothing but expressing emotion and feeling through the words. As it is a personal letter, one can write everything what is one’s mind.

Sample Goodbye Letter to Parents
Goodbye letter is always painful and when it Goodbye Letter to parents, it carries a deep emotional and loving message. It is hard to write a Goodbye Letter to Parents as they stay in our hearts and we never want to say goodbye to them for any reason.

Sample Goodbye Letter to Clients
A Goodbye Letter to Client is written with the purpose of informing officially to the clients that you are resigning from the company. It is a good way to maintain work ethics by notifying the clients that you are leaving your present company as to join the new one.

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