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Cover Letter Writing Tips

A well written cover letter can increase you chance of selection. It is the most crucial document for your job search. It plays a very important role as it represents you in front of your potential employer. It should be sent with resume even if the recruiter has not mentioned for it. It serves as a supplementary document of your resume. You can provide your background information regarding how it may assistance the company. It generates and interests in potential employer’s mind regarding your abilities and knowledge relate to the job position.

It helps in establishing the connection between your skills and the recruiter’s expectation. Resume presents your qualification, skills and work experience and cover letter make a bridge between your resume and the requirement of the job. It highlights your uniqueness without replicating your resume. Resume represents your professional qualities and a well worded cover letter not only strength that but also draw attention to your personal strengths.

Here we have presented some good cover letter writing tips to make your application effective.

Best tips to keep in mind while drafting a cover letter

Standard format:

  • Compose it in standard format of business letter writing.
  • Draft it in highly formal manner.

Precise and factual:

  • Write a profession, factual and the most customized content in it.
  • A short and meaningful letter can deliver your intent more effectively.
  • Mention all your relevant details about your previous work experience.
  • Three paragraphs will have an easy-to-read flow and contain all the relevant information without unnecessary fluff.
  • Establish a link between your qualification and the requirement of the job you have applied.
  • Provide all the details in an organized manner. There should be no disorder of information.

Middle paragraph:

  • Keep it in your mind that your purpose of writing is to sell your key skills and abilities.
  • Highlight your extraordinary achievements, skills and qualifications to impress your recruiter.

Last paragraph:

  • Request the recruiter for an interview call in the last paragraph.
  • Appeal him to provide you a chance to meet him and present your credentials.

First paragraph:

  • State the purpose of your writing in straightforward manner.
  • Mention your skills in a focused manner.
  • Tactfully convey your suitability for the vacant job position.
  • Give a stressed introduction of your exceptional skills and accomplishments.


Conclude it with a proper closing. Write down a complimentary closing notation. “Sincerely”, “Yours Faithfully” is a suitable choice for it.


  • Study your cover letter before sending. Correct all the grammatical and spelling errors.
  • Make sure that you have included all the relevant information.
  • Highlight your most important skill or any other uniqueness required to the job you are applying for.

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