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How to Write an Effective Cover Letter

A well written resume or curriculum vitae presents you in front of your potential employer. As every high quality product your resume also requires an attractive packaging. A perfect cover letter serves as a first and the most impressive correspondence between you and your potential employer. It establishes a connection between your proficiency, qualifications, and the recruiter’s expectations. It will help your resume stand out from the crowd of countless resumes. It is advisable to send it along with your resume even if an employer does not request for it.

Writing an effective cover letter is quite a crucial job as it can make your impression and on other hand it can break it too. It is matter of tactics and approach to get the positive response from an employer. It could not be the replication of your resume. It should be an independent and accompanying document to your resume. Customize your cover letter for each job applied for as a form or generic piece of writing can never bring you a win-win situation.

Here are some powerful points to make your cover writing successful.

  • Compose it in the standard format of formal letter writing.
  • Address the concern person specifically with the name, title, and organization.
  • Write a simple, brief and understandable note of one page. Mention all the information in an organized manner and straight to the point.
  • The tone and language of it should be attractive and impressive.
  • Do not write more than three paragraphs in it. All the three paragraphs should be easy-to-read in flow. It also covers all the pertinent information without redundant feathers.
  • Do not replicate your resume in cover letter. Simply provide a succinct outline about your skills and abilities. Connect them with the current job requirement to grab the attention of your potential employer.
  • Mention your relevant educational and professional qualification in brief. Add some of your recent accomplishments.
  • Write some lines to explain the nature of job including your qualifications. Explain your suitability for the job. Provide some information to make it persuasive.
  • Request the addressee for a job interview in the last paragraph.
  • Conclude it with a formal concluding closure. Write a complimentary closure notation. “Sincerely”, “Yours Faithfully” is an appropriate choice for it.
  • Proofread it carefully to write a flawless cover letter. Letter free from spell and grammar errors express your professionalism.

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