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Congratulation Letter to a Friend on Her Apprenticeship

Congratulation Letter to a Friend on Her Apprenticeship

It is truly a special day when you finish your apprenticeship and if your friend has finished her apprenticeship then it calls for sending her a congratulation letter in order to celebrate her achievement.

If you are thinking how to write one such congratulation letter to a friend on her apprenticeship then you can always use the format of the same that has been shared in this post. Use this template for creating a personalized letter for your friend in order to wish her on this special day.

Format for Congratulation Letter to Friend on Her Apprenticeship


Ana Brown

54, Richmond Villas

New York

Date: December 29, 2023


Miss. Samantha Gibbs

89, Ultra Heights Apartments

New York

Dear Sam,

Congratulations on successfully completing your apprenticeship.

I just got to know from your sister that you have completed your apprenticeship and you will be working as the permanent employee of your dream company. I am aware that you have always dreamt of working with this company and you have worked really hard to reach here.

What makes your apprenticeship all the more special is the fact that you have totally impressed your bosses with your work. I got to know that you have been awarded as the Best Apprentice award for creating a record of best sales in the company in such a short time. Truly, you are the best and you are following your passion with all your heart.

I have no words to tell you how happy I am for you and how proud I am of you. You have truly made the impossible possible with your efforts and now you have finally reached where you always wanted to be. I am sure you are going to shine bright in your new job and will impress everyone around you with your hard work, commitment and dedication.

Congratulations once again and wishing you all the success in your job.

Best wishes,


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