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Child Support Agreement Letter

When couple takes a mutual decision to part, a written child support agreement between the parents is a feasible option, and that should be seriously considered. A written child support agreement between parents is guided by the court for monetary support to be given to each child.

Legal separation between married couples is a matter of pain. Couples apply for divorce due to some contradictory differences, lack of compatibility or some other reasons. If there is no option other than legal separation, the focus should be on the safety and welfare of the children. Here is an example of a child support agreement written by a father to his former wife.

Child Support Agreement Letter Sample


Mr. Morris Ashley

72, Viviane Avenues

St. Dixon, GB 7492


Ms. Suzy Taylor

9648, Jack Street

Kohler, KG9534

18 April 2014

Subject: Maintenance for Julia

Dear Suzy,

I am writing this letter with reference to the judgment of court dated 18 April 2014 about our divorce. I was mandated to support you with the upkeep of our child, Juliana with a child support arrangement. It also predetermined that I may visit her at least once in a month.

In accumulation to that, I am also anticipated to give you a sum of $38000 for her upkeep every month. While I am absolutely not comfortable with these, however I agree to these terms for the comfort of our child. Please find the attached cheque with this letter that is for the first month.

Yours truly,


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