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Business Partnership Agreement Letter

Planning of any new business partnership requires a true understanding of the partnership requirement. A written agreement is required to develop an understanding of the terms and conditions about the partnership. This letter can be also considered as a way to start negotiations about the terms and conditions and other requirement in a less formal way in comparison of contracts.

Agreement Letter includes all the details about the contact information of both parties, the state whose laws will govern the agreement, clause of agreement, terms and conditions and most importantly the mode and structure of payment. It also covers the subject and dates of the agreement such as when the agreement goes into effect and when it will terminate. This written agreement also protects from future chaos and clarifies all the legal rights and responsibilities. We have provided a sample letter to make this letter writing easy for you.

Example of Business Partnership Agreement Letter


William Laurens,

Department of Corporate Communication,

Gairries Communication Agency,

96432, Southern Squire,

Wikkins, ED 4623


Mr. Gerry Shoves,

General Manager,

Unions Technologies,

47483, Feeler Lane,

Savona, JD 43861

21 April 2014.

Dear Sir,

Subject: Business Partnership Agreement Letter

It is with great honor I write this letter to you on the behalf of the board and management of Gairries Communication Agency. With reference to our last meeting for the partnership, I am glad to inform you that my organization has agreed to become a partner in business with your organization Unions Technologies. Even though this partnership deal has taken fairly a lot of time to be accomplished, now I am sure it was worth it.

Nevertheless, I must lay emphasis on the fact that all the original statements of the agreement still stand. You will find the enclosed Business Agreement Letter, a detailed document about this agreement.

Kindly study all the mentioned points and if agreed, please signature the document. I wish this partnership between Gairries Communication Agency and Unions Technologies will create new benchmarks in coming years.

Yours faithfully,

William Laurens

Liaison Officer

Gairries Communication Agency

Given Below are a few Agreement letter samples for a clearer Idea.

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