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Application Format to Principal for More Books in Library

Application Format to Principal for More Books in Library
Application for Shortage of Books in Library

If you feel that your school library needs more books then you can always write an Application to Principal for Books in Library. This is a very simple Application to Library Administration for More Books in Library that you can write to principal stating how it is going to impact you as well as other students in their studies.

To help you Write An Application To The Principal For More Books In Library English, we have come up with this simple template that you can follow and create your own application without any mistakes.

Format for Application to Principal for More Books in Library

Date: April 5th, 2023


Mr. Adam Smith


Daily School

New York

Sub: Request for more books in library.

Respected Sir,

I, Henry Black, am a student of Standard X and I am a member of our school library. I am writing this letter to bring to your notice that our books collection at the library has not been updated since long. There are so many books that are required to be added considering the academic requirement of the students.

I undertook a survey of the books available at our library and I have compared it with the different requirements of the curriculum. I strongly feel that adding new books will help the students study better. For your reference, I have attached the findings of this survey with the letter as well the list of books which is approved by our teachers that we must add to our library.

I would again like to request you to approve the request for adding these books to our library to have our collection updated and give more options to read and study for the students.

Thanking you.


Henry Black

Class X-A

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