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Goodbye Letter to Coworkers

To write a Goodbye Letter to Coworkers, one needs to express his emotional thoughts in a formal way. It is different from other styles of writing as it deals with your personal and professional experience both. It is meant for the colleague to give them thanks before leaving a certain company, in which one has been serving for a long time. As it is a Goodbye letter, the language should be in light as compared to the other business letter writing. It is a great way to reveal your feeling before the co-worker in order to appreciate their support.

If your emotion does not find the right way to come out, here a sample is given to assist you in writing your Goodbye Letter to Coworkers.

Sample Goodbye Letter to Coworkers


Jim Brown

Senior Manager

Wantoleave Services Ltd


The Staff Members

Wantoleave Services Ltd

245 Park Lane


21 July, 2014

Dear Friends,

It is difficult to say goodbye to you all, but I have to bid adieu to you as I am offered a position in another company; and as far as my career is concerned, I decided to resign here.

Though I am excited about my new job, but I am sad too. It is quite a mix feeling, with that I am leaving this company. During my tenure, I have made some good memories with you that will always be with me. I would like to thank you all for making my work enjoyable. I am departing with some beautiful memories and experiences that I have learned from you and it will be an expensive thing for my future work. I hope, in my new job I will make friends like you. My best wishes will always be with you for your future achievements.

Even I am leaving, but you can contact me anytime. I would be glad to carry on such bonding in my future. Once again, thank you for your support that always inspired me to do work with dedication.

My best wishes will always be with you for your future achievements.

Yours sincerely

Jim Brown

Given Below are a few goodbye letter samples for a clearer Idea.

Goodbye Letter to Employees
Goodbye Letter to Employee is written while one is parting from a company. This letter carries an emotional element as it expresses the note of thanks to one’s coworkers for their support and encouragement.

Goodbye Letter to Boss Example

The Goodbye Letter to Boss, as the name depicts, is written by an employee to his/her boss on the account of his resignation. This letter generally conveys the note of thanks to his/her senior for being so helpful during the working days.

Sample Goodbye Letter to Girlfriend
It is always hard to say goodbye to the loved ones, but for career purpose, or some other reasons, staying together is not always possible.

Goodbye Letter to a Friend
Writing a Goodbye Letter to a friend is not so difficult, but is different from other types of letter, as it expresses an emotional journey between two friends.

Sample Goodbye Letter to Boyfriend
Goodbye letter to boyfriend is such a personal letter addressed to a boyfriend to inform him that his girlfriend is leaving forever. It gives an opportunity to bid bye in a calm manner.

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