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Tips for Writing a Sympathy Letter

Sympathy letter is the toughest to write and best to express that you are empathetic. Though personal visits are must in case of sad situations, a letter full of calm and comforting words helps communicate that you really care for the recipient.

A letter of compassion matters a lot in situations such as loss of a family member, illness, poor grades, job quit, financial loss and so on. A perfectly worded letter not only comforts the recipient but also show your concern for the loss.

We have come up with some of the most effective tips on how to write a perfect sympathy letter for your convenience.

Precise and cordial:

  • Make a short and factual note of sympathy. Do not draft a long letter with dramatic language or full of philosophical phrases as it may seem insincere.
  • A brief letter with a simple statement of “I’m so sorry, you are in my thoughts” matters a lot rather than long letter communicating that you are also crying.
  • Spell out the source from where you learned about the news in opening lines.

Personal touch:

  • Make a personal note of sympathy as a generic sample can never touch the heart of the reader.
  • Draft a personal note of compassion with true wordings of your own expression.
  • Mention the exact event or the name for which you are writing this.
  • Express that you are also very hurt and in sadness due to that situation of sorrow.
  • Write that you are with the recipient in that mourning situation.
  • Enter personal gestures in congruent to your relationship with the recipient.

Share memories:

  • Write something soothing to comfort the recipient. Sharing good memories related with the person deceased or pity situation works like a tranquilizer for the person in pain.
  • If you are writing this on the loss of some of his family member such as loss of mother, brother or other, add some lines about their unique personality traits.
  • If you have shared a good relation with the person no more, mention some of the happy and joy moments that you have enjoyed with that person.
  • Writing a short anecdote related with some sweet moment is the best idea.


  • Write some lines to boost up the morale of the recipient but do not write anything that reflects you are insensitive.
  • Choose correct words of encouragement according to the situation and the loss of the recipient.
  • Try to remind the duties and accountability in sincere tone to make him conscious and stable in the tough situation.
  • Write something to rekindle the confidence in him or make him understand that time will heal the wounds and till then he has to act strong as there are so many people dependent on him.


  • Offer your condolence in genuine manner. It actually depends on the relationship you share with the recipient and the loss he is facing.
  • Write the statement of the sympathy in simple language.
  • Before writing any quote from the religious book, ensure that the recipient is religious or not.
  • Though people feel much attached and appreciate being told that they are in your daily prayers and kind thoughts.

Offer support:

  • Provide your contact details in the last paragraph and request the recipient to inform you if there is any help required from you.
  • Express that you are really concerned for the person who has going through the tough time and offer your help directly to him.

Heartfelt conclusion:

  • Conclude your writing with some emotional and touchy lines of compassion.
  • Expression of comfort and sympathy are the essentials of this letter so express it in the last lines.
  • Write some lines to reflect that you are standing next to the recipient in this time of grief and pain.
  • You may also add some Bible verses if the recipient is religious or some couplets of poem suits to the notion.

Sincere valediction:

  • Choose valediction according to the mood of the letter even if you are writing this to someone very close to you.
  • Closure notion should be calm and decent such as “Sincerely,” or you may use some casual but sober in nature.

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