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Resignation Letter

Resignation Withdrawal Letter Format

Resignation Withdrawal Letter Sample If you are rethinking about your decision to resign and you wish to withdraw your resignation letter then you must do so by writing a withdrawal of resignation letter. You can also use the [...]

resignation letter due to new baby care sample

Childcare Resignation Letter Example Parenting is not easy and sometimes parents have to resign from their jobs because they want to take care of their newborn or just spend more time with their baby. The simple resignation letter [...]

Pregnancy Resignation Letter Sample Format

Pregnancy Resignation Letter Sometimes pregnancy is one of reasons because of which women resign from their job and if that is the reason in your case then following a Resignation Letter Format due to Pregnancy can help you [...]

Example Resignation Letter Due to Misconduct and Misbehavior of Boss, Sample Letter Format

When you work with an organization, you know that there can be different solutions under which a person has to resign. If in case you are forced to resign from your job because of misbehavior of your boss [...]

Writing a resignation acknowledgement letter is nothing but stating the acknowledgement issue in a perfect manner. You can use the tips to write your letter. You need to draft your letter in a formal style as you are [...]

Resignation Acknowledgment Letter

Resignation Acknowledgment Letter

A resignation acknowledgement letter deals with the subject like accepting one’s resignation from his/her work. Generally, the letter is issued by the employer to inform the concerned employee about accepting his/her resignation. It is a very formal way [...]

A resignation letter 2 week notice needs a proper presentation of subjects with maintaining the company’s terms and conditions. Follow the tips to make your letter perfect. You need to draft your letter in a formal style as [...]

Resignation Letter 2 Week Notice

Resignation Letter 2 Week Notice

A resignation letter 2 week notice period is a very much official letter and it is written as per the terms of a company on your resignation. Every company maintains a certain rule regarding the employee resigning matter [...]

Church Resignation Letter

Church Resignation Letter

A church resignation letter as its name says is written for resigning a certain work from a church. The language of the letter is different from that of the others as it deals with the matter of the [...]

Writing a resignation thank you letter needs a proper presentation of gratitude towards your employer. You can follow the tips to write your letter. A resignation thank you letter should be written in a formal way as you [...]

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