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congratulation letter

Congratulation Letter for Anniversary of His Service

Writing a congratulation letter to someone on the anniversary of his service is a thoughtful thing to do. It is a beautiful way of acknowledging, appreciating and celebrating the service that person has rendered for a certain number [...]

Congratulation Letter on a Religious Occasion

There are different occasions and religious occasions on which one must congratulate the person by writing a congratulation letter. The idea here is to wish and appreciate the person for the religious occasion. Shared in this post is [...]

Congratulation Letter for Winning a Contract

If any of your employee or colleague has won a contract then make sure you send across a congratulation letter for celebrating this win in a formal manner. It is going to be a simple letter which will [...]

Congratulation Letter for New Assignment

If anyone you know has been assigned a new assignment of great value or importance then make sure that you congratulate that particular person by writing a formal letter of congratulations. The idea here is to appreciate and [...]

Congratulation Letter to a Friend on Her Apprenticeship

It is truly a special day when you finish your apprenticeship and if your friend has finished her apprenticeship then it calls for sending her a congratulation letter in order to celebrate her achievement. If you are thinking [...]

Congratulation Letter to a Friend for a Successful Deal

If your friend has been able to close a deal successfully then you must write a congratulation letter to him or her on such a special occasion. The idea here is to acknowledge and appreciate the hard work [...]

Congratulation Letter to Colleague for a Successful Deal

Congratulation Letter is a kind of letter that you write to someone who has achieved something in order to acknowledge and appreciate for that particular thing. If you have a colleague who has bagged a deal successfully then [...]