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Write a Sample Congratulation Letter for Winning a Contract

Congratulation Letter for Winning a Contract

If any of your employee or colleague has won a contract then make sure you send across a congratulation letter for celebrating this win in a formal manner. It is going to be a simple letter which will include a congratulations note along with a few words of appreciation for the candidate who has won the contract.

If you find yourself helpless in drafting one such letter then we bring to you a sample format for congratulation letter for wining a contract that you can use for creating a personalized letter for sending it to that particular candidate.

Format for Congratulation Letter for Winning a Contract


Henry Brown


Zenith Technologies

New York

Date: January 13, 2024


Mr. Andrew Jacob

89, Hillary Apartment

New York

Dear Mr. Andrew,

On behalf of Zenith Technologies, I, Henry Brown, would like to congratulate you for winning the contract. We acknowledge and appreciate your efforts and dedication that you have put in to make sure that our company gets this contract. I am aware that you have stayed beyond the regular working hours and have followed up all the meetings with the client in order to ensure that our company gets this contract which has been on our target for a pretty long time.

This contract is one of the biggest achievements for our firm and with this new deal, we are going to enter the new markets and create our strong presence in the industry that was untouched till now.

I am happy to share that the management is really impressed with your work and the way you have worked on bagging this project. Therefore, the management has decided to give you more projects so that we can bag some more big contracts for the company and have our company grow.

We truly appreciate such hardworking and passionate employees like you. You are truly an asset to the company. We take immense pride in having employees like you who are a blend of talent and dedication.

Wishing you good luck with upcoming projects and Congratulations to you once again.


Henry Brown


Zenith Technologies

New York

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