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Sorry Letter to Daughter From Dad

The relationship between a daughter and her dad is one of the most beautiful associations. A daughter is like a princess for her father and to her, her father is like a hero. But sometimes due to some misunderstandings or unfulfilled expectations, this bond of love gets affected. Sometimes even a father can make a mistake or hurt his cute princess. In such a scenario, writing a warm and heartfelt apology letter is the best way to express your feelings to her and telling her that you are sorry for something wrong that you did.

If you are confused about how to start writing a sorry letter to your daughter then have a look at the example template given below for reference. Use it for writing a customized draft that can help you express your daughter that you are sorry for your actions.

Sample Sorry Letter to Daughter From Dad

Dearest Ana,

I am so sorry that I could not be there with you on your Graduation Day. I know that it was one of the most special days of your life and you have really worked very hard to make it even more special. I understand that you were expecting me by your side and that I should have been there with you when your dream was becoming a reality.

My sweet little girl, I had got done all my bookings for visiting you on your special day but somehow due to bad weather conditions, the flight was cancelled. I tried a lot but I could not find any other way to reach you on time. I felt so disgusted that I should have come with your mom a day prior leaving no room for such an emergency to happen. I wish there was some option to reach at that ceremony on time.

Please forgive me because sometimes situational factors are not in your hands and you can just see and do nothing. But to make up to you I have arranged for a big party. We are going to celebrate your Graduation here with our family, your friends and our neighbors. I am sure you will love it.

Once again I am really very sorry for not being present at the function.

Love you lots


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