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Sorry Letter to a Girl You Love

When we are in love, we often end up hurting the girl we love the most. Sometimes it is because of situational factors and sometimes because of our actions and reactions; we end up messing our love life. Writing a sorry letter to the girl you love might sound a little traditional but it is one of the sweetest gestures that can help you repair the damages. Saying a sorry can help you mend so many things thereby strengthening your relationship.

So if you have also done something wrong or said something wrong that has hurt your girl then write an apology letter expressing your feelings and tell her that how much she means to you. For sure, she will let go everything just to be with you. Use the sample format given below to create your customized letter.

Example of Sorry Letter To a Girl You Love

Dearest Samantha,

Last night was the worst night of my life. I just could sleep the whole night thinking what went wrong between us. What happened yesterday morning was deeply hurting. And since that time all I have been doing is thinking about episode. I felt so choked that all that I could think of doing was to write an apology letter to you. I am sorry for things I said; it was anger and not my feelings for you. I know I have deeply hurt you and your feelings and I want to apologize for that.

In the last three years of this relationship, it has never happened that we have not been able to understand each other’s point of view. We just got carried away in the discussion and we did not even realize when this healthy discussion got transformed into a heated argument. We both ended up saying things which we never meant to. I know that you can never hurt me and all those points that you raised were just to put your point forward. You need to know that I also cannot dream to hurt you but because I have hurt you, I am feeling extremely pathetic.

We both need to understand that we are two different individuals and we can always have different opinions, no matter how right or wrong they are. All I want to say is that let us take a lesson from this incident and make sure that we will respect each other’s opinion. We don’t have to agree with each other but we also don’t need to make it an ego issue.

For now I just want to tell you that I love you the most and I don’t want lose you. So please forgive me for my harsh words which have caused you all the pain. I will make sure that I don’t do such a thing in future. And let us catch up to start fresh.

Love you always,


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Sorry Letter Sample
We all make mistakes. But what makes us a better person is realizing these mistakes and apologizing for the same.

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