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Sample Compliment Letter for Staff

If you have visited some store or hotel and you have been attended with amazing service then you must write a compliment letter for the staff. Complimenting is a sweet gesture which infuses a person with greater zeal which motivates him to work harder. A small compliment letter to the staff who has attended you with smile and made you feel comfortable by addressing your problems is very valuable.

So if you have experienced exception service at some restaurant or store and you wish to write a compliment letter for the staff then use the sample given below. Use it as per your need by customizing it as per your need.

Example of Compliment Letter for Staff

Robert Robinson

1234 Richmond Apartments

Basil Street

New York

Date: 19.11.15


Adam Smith


ABC Hotels

23 Herald Street

New York

Dear Mr. Smith,

The purpose of writing this letter is to compliment your hotel staff for their wonder service. Thanks to your staff for making it such a comfortable stay at your hotel. I was there for four days with my family and for all these days I was attended with utmost warmth. I was impressed to see the prompt room service despite the peak season. Every need was catered with utmost perfection making us feel so important.

I would like to compliment your entire staff for being so professional. With smile on their faces, they have been really very impressive in their service. And I would like to visit your hotel again for this outstanding experience.


Robert Robinson

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