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Proposal Letter For Funding

A proposal letter for funding is written in order to get some funds to carry on a program. An organization proposes others to contribute to a good cause that is important in a wide perspective. Generally, the letter is written for funding for a social initiative and that is why it is important to present the purpose in a clear way. It should propose the needs of such event in the letter that encourages the addressed people to take participate in such event.

Here in the example, an organization writes this letter to a company to help them out by arranging some fund for a tree plantation program.

Sample Proposal Letter For Funding

Dear Mr. Jordan,
Good day!

I am writing this letter to inform you that our non charitable organization arranges a tree plantation event in the woods of our town. We specially look after the environmental issues and you know that such an initiative is necessary for our society.

We have arranged a location for this event and we have already got the permission for the government to conduct the event. What stops us is the fund to carry on such project, especially in getting the young trees and arranging some food for the participant in the program.

For this reason, we write this letter to you and to support our program financially. In return, we include your name in the sponsorship list and you also put your banner and poster in the project location.

I hope you come forth to help a noble cause.

Truly yours,

Mr. Benedict Y. Frett

Given Below are a few Proposal Letter samples for a clearer Idea.

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A proposal letter for project is written to seek some investors for continuing a project halted for some monetary issues.

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A proposal request letter is used in the business field to request for sending the business proposal as per the deal between the companies.

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A proposal letter to a company is written to serve the requirement of a company.

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