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Proposal Letter for Event

A proposal letter for event as its name says, the letter is written to invite some companies or organizations in an event arranged by the concerned company. The letter can also serve the business purpose. Mainly, the seminar and such kind of event need this letter to invite the people or the organization for making their presence at the event. As it is a proposal letter for event, the letter should contain the important details about the program to avoid any kind of confusion. Along with this, the letter should give the cause of making the arrangement of the event so that your invitees find it worth making a presence.

Here in the example of the letter, a company organizes a seminar on a serious topic; and through this letter, it urges the other companies to support their initiative.

Sample Proposal Letter for Event


Robert S. Waldroup
4760 Echo Lane
Grand Rapids, MI 49503


Wilton T. Swearingen
General Manager
YHUO Corporation
232 Barrington Court
Foreman, AR 71836

November 22, 2014

Ref: Proposal Letter for a gathering on November 27, 2014

Dear Mr. Swearingen,

This is the invitation letter to your company for making the presence in our upcoming event. We plan for an initiative to discuss about our environment, especially how to take care of it. It is a 2 day seminar entitled as “Save Our Mother Earth”. The seminar will be held on November 27, 2014 and we know that your company supports such initiative openly.

The first day of the seminar focuses on some methods that help us to protect our environment from some dangerous activities. Some environmentalists reveal the truth of the environment in the seminar. On the second day, we have some tree plantation activity.

I look forward for your confirmation in attending the said event.

Yours Truly,

Robert S. Waldroup

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Proposal Letter for Event
A proposal letter for event as its name says, the letter is written to invite some companies.

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