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Bid Proposal Letter

A bid proposal letter is necessary in the business field in order to extend the business criteria. In this case, the company which is bidding should have a definite marketing tactic that will lead the company towards its success in the future. The bidding is generally made for the property that comes with a specific term of ownership. As it deals with the core idea of business, one should be professional to write such type of letter. Along with the term of this business, the letter should provide the information regarding the work area of the concerned company.

Here in the example, a company writes this letter for owning a property on a lease term basis from the owner for the business perspectives.

Bid Proposal Letter Example


Mr. J Patel
Stocks co.
High Street
CA23 4RF


Mr. F Smith
Whitehaven vegetables
CA23 4RF

Subject: Bid proposal

Dear Mr. Smith,

Your company has set a level in the market as you have served the community for nearly forty years. I have heard that you are going to retire from the work now and your property is up for lease.

Your business property on high street is a very good in position for the business and I am bidding for the property to acquire a life time lease. I have already made a set up for our branch on high street and this new property would be made for the children store. That is why, we make a bid of 18,000€ for the property and that too for the life time lease basis.

If our offer seems interesting to you, please contact us.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Patel


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