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To make your business announcement letter more effective kindly go through the few tips mentioned below. Be cordial and polite in your tone while writing such letters. In this letter mention all the specific terms and information for [...]

New Business Announcement Letter sample

New Business Announcement Letter

A new business announcement letter is a formal announcement of a new business opening, new business offer or any formal event. This letter can also be used to announce a new location, decision or any personal announcement regarding [...]

Sample Baby Announcement Letters

Baby Announcement Letter

Baby Announcement Letter is an informal letter addressed to close friends and relatives. This is a personal good news letter. It is a way of letting friends and family know about what is anticipated and how you feel [...]

Tips for Writing a Welcome Letter

Welcome letter is written to recognize someone who has recently entered in your personal life or in a good business relationship with your organization. As the term suggests welcome messages are addressed to welcome a person to join [...]

How to Write a Welcome Letter

Welcome letter is usually written to welcome a particular person or a set of people. It could be personal as well as professional according to the content and the relationship with the recipient. A formal note of welcome [...]

Tips for Writing a Warning Letter

Warning letter is usually sent by the human resource department, head of department, boss, supervisor or the other higher authority of an organization to an employee stating the dissatisfaction with a blameworthy action for reprimand. It covers the [...]

How to Write a Warning Letter

Warning letter is a formal notification usually issued by the human resource department of an organization and is directly addressed to the employee. It is one of the most commonly practiced letters in workplace. It may be written [...]

Tips for Writing a Transmittal Letter

Transmittal letter is an important communication tool in business correspondence. It accompanies other documents such as contract, business proposal, some valuable report, and important draft and so on and at the same time works as a cover letter [...]

How to Write a Transmittal Letter

Transmittal letter is a form of business correspondence that provides information about the contents and intention of the accompanied document or report. It works as a cover letter in addition the attached official faxes and emails. It provides [...]

Tips for Writing a Transfer Letter

Transfer letter is a formal letter written to make a request to get transferred to a new job position or location within the company. It is usually addressed to the human resource department, head of department, supervisor, boss [...]