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How to Write an Effective Sales Letter

Sales letter is the best way to communicate about your product/services in a formal manner. It provides a complete detail of the offer made by a particular company. It is not just to inform the customers about what you have in your kitty. It enhances your sales in a unique manner by presenting you and your offer in an attractive and easily understandable language. It serves as the most significant method of increasing the customer base of your company.

It is a vital component of every form of business writing. A perfectly worded such letter keeps your offer out of the bunch of usual sales letters and convert more prospects into customers. It informs the recipient about your company, product / service, best features, some special offers and other essential details. We have provided some writing tips to create an effective sales letter.

Guidelines to write an effective sales letter

  • Compose it on your business letterhead or you may design it by using a proficiently designed logo of your company.
  • Format your letter with a business letter template. It will increase the chances of winning your prospect’s interest.
  • Do not send a generic letter. Address the individual recipient directly with his name and formal salutation.
  • Make a precise opening paragraph including the introduction of your company, product/service, its benefits, features and other relevant information.
  • Connect your product/ service with the recipient’s requirement, problem and its solution by providing a background detail of what you are offering through it.
  • Try to appeal the recipient through some of your unique product features or additional benefits.
  • Do not write countless lines about your company or product rather provide an interesting detail about that solution and offer you have to present him through your service/product.
  • You can attach the leaflet, brochure, newsletter or any other relevant document as supportive with it. Mention all the enclosed documents clearly in the end under the enclosure notation.
  • Add some examples and case studies related with your sales proposal. It will help you in explaining benefits and features of the product/service listed in your letter.
  • Include product testimonials or success stories that you have experienced with other customers. This will contribute a lot in your credibility pitching of your statements.
  • Write some persuasive lines to convince the prospective customer to have a look of your offer at least once. But do not imply pleading or begging tone for this purpose.
  • If you are offering some discount or free gift, highlight that with an attractive statement.
  • Provide the contact details of your customer care executive or service department and request him to contact you without any hesitation for any further assistance.
  • Wrap up your writing with a gesture of gratitude such as “thank you for your consideration” or something similar to it.
  • Close it with an appropriate complimentary valediction and put your signature to make it authentic.

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