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How to write an Apology Letter

Apology letter refers to the letter which is written to show to another person that you feel sorry for having done something incorrect or improper. Written with the purpose to apologize, it shows that you consider your relationship with that person much important. Apology letter is written in cases when you feel sorry but you can’t directly say that person either because you can’t reach them or simply afraid to face them in person. Moreover, if you right an apology letter, you get more time to think and then you can properly pen down your feelings. Apologizing is the most difficult thing to do because admitting your mistake and above all confessing it in front of somebody is not at all an easy task.

These letters can be either for business purpose or personal purpose, or in certain nature, it can be written in letter format also. In order to write proper apology letters, it is essential to know how to write normal letters. This article deals about various tips to be considered for writing an apology letter. Read on to know more.

Tips for writing an Apology Letter

1)  Address them

It is most important that to address the person you are writing the letter by their official name instead of nick name or else it won’t look honest. Similarly, while ending the letter, mention your official name instead of nick name. Also remember that you are writing an apology letter to apologize, so just say sorry and don’t write about other irrelevant things.

2)   Writing skill hardly matter 

In order to write an apology letter, you need not use flowery language or vocabulary. In fact you just need to be honest and just write whatever you feel from heart.

3)  Knowing the matter exactly

Before writing an apology letter, you must be clear about the thing you want to apologize for. You might get confused as in whether to apologize for hurting the other person or for the thing that you did which hurt them. Ideally it is the second option and hence you must mention the event that caused their hurt feelings. But do not elaborate it or else you might offend that person again.

4) Think about the consequences of your actions

Before writing, just think what happened after the event that caused the mishap. Did you hurt other people as well? Think and try to know about the unexpected things that happened. Once you are clear yourself, explain it all in your letter. Write down your reasons of doing that act and explain how it seemed right to you at that time. Tell them that that your intentions were not to hurt anybody’s feeling.

5)  Never give excuses.

If you are apologizing, never give excuses and never blame anybody for what you did. When the other person is angry or hurt, all he wants is you to realise that you did wrong and are sorry for the same. Never put your faults on somebody else’s shoulder. Take responsibility for your action and apologize humbly.

6)    Know what possible compensation you can make

Many times, there are things that you can do to ease the other person’s pain. For instance, if money was lost, you might compensate it. Also mention, that you realise it was your mistake and would do anything to make it up.

7)    It should be short and simple

It is very difficult to admit your mistakes and sometimes you also have to put down your ego. Hence, it is very easy to get unfocused while writing the letter. To avoid long and irrelevant letters, do read the entire thing again and erase everything that isn’t related to the confession. You must keep it short, simple and to the point.

8)    Don’t say anything false

Before writing an apology letter, you must make ensure that you actually want to apology and that you mean every single word of what you are about to write. Fake apologies for just the sake of getting rid of the current situation with someone will never improve the relations between you two. You might talk nicely to them for sometime but later, the grudges that you have will spoil your relation bringing you back to where you are now. Hence, it’s better to apologise only if you honestly want to.

9)    Talk about your relationship

Do mention that you are honestly guilty of what you did and write in your letter how much your relation with this person means to you and that you don’t want them to get hurt or lose them.

10) Set aside your ego

Before you write down, it is important that you keep your ego aside and apologize without showing any negative attitude. You must keep in mind that it is because of your actions that this person got hurt and hence you are the one who has to apologize and solve things out.

11) Start writing

Keeping all the above tips in mind, the last step is to write the letter. Whether it is writing on a paper using a pen or typing the letter, it is better to start with… “I’m sorry.”


This list of 11 tips for writing an apology letter is useful for people who feel that their action have hurt somebody else and hence wish to apologize. If you have a burden of guilt on your heart, just follow these simple tips and write an apology letter to someone you might have hurt. Also, if you feel that you feel uncomfortable in apologizing in person, you can always do it through a simple apology letter. You just need to be honest to yourself and decide whether you actually want to apologise and if the answer is a YES, why to delay. Go ahead with these tips and lighten up that burden of guilt.

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