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How to Write a Transmittal Letter

Transmittal letter is a form of business correspondence that provides information about the contents and intention of the accompanied document or report. It works as a cover letter in addition the attached official faxes and emails. It provides a suitable description of the content mentioned in the faxed documents or the files attached to an official email. Such letters are written precisely to deliver only necessary information.

It is a professional letter sent in advance for the submission of main data, account statements, business proposals or confidential research reports. It is written as a cover letter for report submissions.

Here we have provided some best writing tips on how to write an effective transmittal letter.

  • Compose it on the business letterhead as it is a form of business correspondence.
  • Write it in the full or semi block style business letter writing format.
  • Mention your name, title, company’s name, address and other contact information at the top.
  • Leave one or two line and list the date under your information. Mention the date line in its full form to avoid ambiguity.
  • Write down the receiver’s name, title (if applicable), organization (if applicable) and address.
  • Create a short and snappy subject line including some pertinent information such as account number or other identifying information to make it more significant.
  • Address the recipient specifically with a formal salutation such as “Dear Mr. / Mrs. / Ms”. If you are not aware with the recipient “Dear Sir or Madam” will suffice.
  • Provide an organized outline of your reason for writing the letter in the opening lines.
  • Provide some detailed information in the second paragraph about the background of the document you are accompanying with it.
  • You can also communicate the additional and sensitive information in it.
  • Highlight the main points of the accompanied document.
  • Provide the detailed information about the key purpose, features, deliberation, and significance of it.
  • Spell out the exact dates and the. Include the deadlines by which the recipient must take action on the information mentioned in the document.
  • If it contains the multiple pages, provide a list of all those in the end of the letter.
  • Provide your contact detail and ask the recipient to contact you without hesitation for further clarification.
  • Thank the recipient and conclude the last paragraph.
  • Proofread it carefully to deliver an error free and flawless letter. A perfectly worded letter demonstrates your professionalism and credibility.
  • Put your signature on the final letter and send it to the recipient.

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