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How to Write a Letter of Interview

Letter of interview is one of the most important documents of your job exploration. It helps you to make your request to get interviewed stands out in the crowd of resume and applications. Either you may receive an interview rejection letter or an interview call letter as acceptance in response of your job application. If you get an interview call or an acceptance letter for an interview request you must response formally with a perfectly worded confirmation letter for interview. These are such formal letters which are the most important components in the whole process of interview.

Once you had your interview, send a thank you letter addressed to your hiring officer. It provides you a second chance to express your interest in the organization and the seriousness for the job opening. This is the professional way to show your gratitude and enthusiasm of working with a particular organization. We have provided some easy job interview letter writing tips to make it effective.

  • Promptness is the basic requirement of such letter. Therefore send it within 48 hours. It will keep your interview fresh in the mind of the interviewer. Quick interview letter for gratitude shows your seriousness about the opportunity.
  • Always send a customize letter to serve your purpose. A generic form letter can never provide you the desired result.
  • Start your letter by thanking the interviewer for his consideration and providing time for an interview. Show appreciation to the interviewer for considering you suitable for the job in the first paragraph. Express your gratitude for recognizing your qualification and skill sets.
  • Communicate your interest in the job position in the middle paragraph. Provide a short and snappy description of your skill set that qualifies you for without replicating your resume.
  • If you have asked to submit some documents for the further consideration, attach those documents with this letter. Mention all the attached documents clearly in the end under an enclosure notation.
  • Express your interest in the organization and the job you have applied for in the last paragraph. It will give a strong finish to your writing.
  • Conclude your letter by expressing your gratitude for providing you the chance of interview.
  • Provide your contact information and request them to contact you.

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