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How to Write a Claim Letter

Claim letter are formal letters serving with dual benefit. A well written letter put the complaint in front of the concerned person or organization as well as gives solution with a hidden warning. If you are unsatisfied with the travel service, hospitality, product delivery or any other disappointment related some product or service you can claim for a refund. Claim and compensation is a legal right.

There are some other claims related with the work place. If you are an employ, you can claim for reimbursement of your official tour or any other expenses you have made for the sake of your organization. A business organization also writes a letter of claim in terms of late delivery of consignment, poor quality product or for an overlook of any business commitment. There is no set rule of claim letter writing though it follows the standard business letter writing format with slight changes in content according to the requirement. Here we have presented some points to guide you for it.

  • These are highly formal in nature and written in standard format of business letter writing.
  • The tone of it is polite and courteous. Though it informs about the unhappiness and disappointment, keep your tone humble to encourage the concern person for prompt and positive settlement of your claim.
  • Do not write a long overdramatizing note. Exaggeration fades the credibility and seriousness of the claim.
  • Write the letter with a focused mind. Stick to the purpose and do not dig deep into the reasons of complaint.
  • State your purpose of writing in the first paragraph. Try to give some codes and figures related to the claim in the initial line. This helps the reader to indentify you and your problem in first look.
  • You can add few lines to express your poor experience regarding the bad service or product. But do not write a whole story about your discomfort. This will distract the attention of the reader.
  • Mention the monitory value of the service or product you have paid. And just after that request them your desired amount.
  • You can include deadline also. If you want to settle the claim in a set time frame, mention it clearly in the last paragraph. You can show a pinch of warning but do not threaten the reader.
  • Provide your complete detail to make your settlement smooth and quick.
  • Leave a thank you note in the end as this will give a personal touch to your claim letter.
  • Do not forget to enclose the required documents with it as it gives authenticity and fortify your demand.

Given Below are a few Claim letter samples for a clearer Idea.

Claim Letter for Social Security Insurance after Mothers Death

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