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How to Write a Business Apology Letter

  • Always remember to apologies at the beginning of the letter and not at the end
  • Type the letter in fonts like Times Roman and print the letter on high-quality, white paper. The format must be either formal block or semi-block as this makes it look professional.
  • The letter should be short, simple and to the time. While writing the letter, you must think about client’s time and knowledge level. If you write a long letter, nobody will be interested to read it and this will further create a bad impression on the client. Hence, just keep it short and exactly to the point.
  • While writing a business apology letter, never mention the technical jargons; instead explain what happened in simple terms and language. If you write it technically, your client will not spend a major portion of his time on internet trying to understand what exactly you wrote. So it is better to explain things simply. However if you also want to mention  the technical things in order to give more clarity about the situation that went wrong, provide a link to the technical things in addition.
  • Write the apology in the active voice and in the first person to show to the clients that your business takes the responsibility of whatever happened. Also put your name and contact information on the letter.
  • Try to solve the problem and ensure that the incident will not happen again. Mention few things that you’ll undertake to make sure that such thing doesn’t happen again in future.
  • At the end of the letter, apologize again and tell your clients how valuable they are to you. Though mistakes happen in every business, at the end of the day what matters is how do you deal these mistakes and what all do you learn from it.

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